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Life insurance is possibly the most critical insurance policy you can take out. It forms a part of planning for your family's financial security. Consider the financial effect that losing the major breadwinner in your household would have on your family and how you would budget for your daily expenses. The cost of losing the major bread winner can overwhelm even many well off families, so it is always good to have a solid financial plan in place to deal with any tragedy life throws at you.

If you are are considering taking out a life insurance policy you can fill out the form below to get a free quote and consultation with a professional insurance broker where they will compare 500+ life insurance policies + options (This is a free comparison service). You can also get a free trauma and income protection insurance quote as well to find so you can review a few other options to give you peace of mind. The free quote includes all major insurance companies and the life insurance policies compared include the main benefit that your loved ones receive a lump sum payment if you die. many people will be able to use their compulsory superannuation payments to take out a life insurance policy, so make sure you speak to the advisor about how you can use your super to cover your family with a life insurance policy.

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According to, Australia ranks poorly for underinsured nations amongst the developed world. We rank 16th overall. If the situation arises where one of the working parents in your family dies, your income could go down by more than half. The typical Australian working family has cover of around 200k, whereas some agents estimate that the average should be closer towards the 600k mark to help cover mortgage repayments, school fees, food, clothing, electricity etc. The average home loan in Australia is approximately 400k (courier mail 2009), so many of these families would still have a large mortgage to pay in the tragic event of one parent dying. This is why it is important to sit down and work out exactly how much you need as you never know what surprises life can throw at you.