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Homeowners' Insurance - The Mortgage Connection
by: Lance Williams

A home owners' insurance policy is the cover for the house against natural calamities as well as liability. This covers the house and its contents but also other personal possessions which the house secures. The natural calamities can include fires and winds. It covers thefts and vandalism as well. It is also called hazard insurance (

It is not mandatory, like in the case of automobile insurance to have a homeowners' insurance policy. But when one mortgages, the deed of trust or mortgage requires the collateral to be insured. This is because in the event of a default, the lender must not suffer. If in the time span the house gets damaged due to a wind or accident, the value on sale will decrease and thus the lender will not be able to get back the debt balance.

Why does the lender insist on a homeowner's insurance?

Firstly, the lenders' name or the mortgage company appears on the certificate of the insurance policy. The lender is categorized as a 'loss payee' or a mortgagee. This ensures that the lender is entitled to the insurance amount if the borrower defaults.

Secondly, the insurance premiums are paid little by little along with the monthly obligations or it is deposited in with impound or escrow account. In both cases the lender can earn the interest which is earned out of this amount. Moreover an escrow requires an amount much more than a single premium to fund the account.

The manner of payment of the insurance premiums differs from lender to lender. Some require that the insurance premiums be paid off in the first year after closing; while others will spread the same throughout the loan term.

What you should keep in mind before taking a homeowners' insurance?

You should shop for an insurance agent extensively .You must go in for an insurance company which will make an honest evaluation of your home value.

This insurance is not only for a liability security it is important to the borrower as well especially if you aim for a refinance or a remortgage. The collateral remains the same .Thus you can still avail of a loan amount equal to the earlier mortgage amount if not more (due to appreciation).

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