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Jet Ski Insurance

Jet Skiing and many other water-based pursuits are often labeled dangerous or 'extreme'. These activities are not normally covered by any kind of personal insurance, travel or even boat insurance. Jet Ski cover is a separate policy you would need to take out if you want to be covered in the event of injury while you are jet skiing. It also covers damage caused to your Jet Ski. Also known as Personal Watercraft cover, other vessels such as Waverunners and Sea Doos are also covered because they are similar in their nature.

Who is a potential candidate?

There is no requirement by law for a Jet Ski rider to have a Jet Ski Cover, though Jet Ski training schools carry public liability insurance as standard and getting a public liability policy is an option if you own your own Jet Ski. Incidents involving Jet Skis, the general public and other vessels are numerous and the great majority of ocean-goers do not have sufficient coverage to cover themselves or the property. This may be considered to be a strong reason to cover yourself while you are on the water.

What typically does it cover?

Jet Ski Insurance is surprisingly comprehensive given the nature of the activity. There are many ways that things can go wrong and most are covered in the average policy. You should expect coverage for medical payments for injuries incurred while jet skiing. You should also expect liability coverage to any third party injuries or property damaged in a jet skiing incident. Also expect cover for any physical damage to your personal watercraft. Any costs incurred for salvage of your vessel can also be claimed though you should check with your prospective provider regarding the exact detail of your cover and the amounts you are covered for.

The most important aspect you should look for is protection covering you and your Jet Ski from damage caused by an uninsured boat. The great majority of incidents to Jet Skis come from larger vessels striking a Jet Ski and the boat owner not having the correct coverage to cover you.

What typically does it not cover?

Jet Ski cover varies widely between providers. Basic cover normally doesn't include your use of a vessel you don't own. Any claims made surrounding your Jet Ski before it hits the water is also not normally covered, so damage in a road accident, damage to your Jet Ski trailer and costs deriving from that, cannot usually be claimed.

Additional coverage that policy holders might take out in this area

As Jet Ski Insurance is so comprehensive given the type of activity there is normally no need for secondary products. However, if you require protection because you operate a Jet Ski as part of your business you may have to cover yourself with public liability. If you use a Jet Ski while on holiday you may want to consider holding a more comprehensive travel policy plan to cover costs.

As there are a number of non-standard add-ons, highlighted above, that can be included in your policy, you should consider expanding your coverage if you feel you will spend a great deal of time on the water. The fact of the matter is the more time on the Jet Ski you spend the more risk you carry.

What will this typically cost?

This varies depending on the type of item you purchase. You can normally select from Individual, Couple, Family and Company plans. Your typical individual premium ranges from $300-$500 for a very basic plan to $1000+ for a comprehensive plan.

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