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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf cart insurance is an option if you own a gold cart but getting your hands on it can be difficult. They are an accepted form of transport on private land and in some gated communities. There are some island resorts around the world where golf carts the only form of transportation. Of course, you'll find them on the golf course too. So, golf carts seem to exist well enough but the insurance doesn't. Golf carts are excluded by traditional vehicle policies. They are not eligible to form a part of a contents policy either. Golf carts cost money and need to be insured so how do you go about doing that?

Golf cart policies exists but is still uncommon with your easiest avenue of finding a suitable provider being a specialist sports insurer.

Who is a potential candidate?

Any person who owns a golf cart is a candidate for this type of product. You wouldn't drive a car without insurance because it would leave you vulnerable to legal and medical costs in the result of an accident. The same is true of golf carts. The cost of insurance is slight compared to the cost of not having it.

If you want to use your golf cart at any golf course you are generally required to bring your paperwork before you will be allowed to.

What typically does it cover?

Golf cart insurance covers the vehicle for accidental damage caused by collision, adverse weather, fire and theft. The cart will be insured at a number of places that the insurer would approve the unrestricted use of a golf cart (e.g. golf courses, country clubs and gated communities)

It also protects you from any medical costs or legal costs derived from a claim made by a third party.

What typically does it not cover?

You are typically not covered for theft of personal belongings that don't constitute golfing equipment with a standard policy. You are also not covered for any damage to the golf cart and are not protected from liability if you drive your golf cart on an open road not designated purely for golf cart use.

Additional coverage that policy holders might take out in this area

It is possible to get a golf policy instead of a golf cart policy if you want more comprehensive coverage. Golf insurance covers liability in the case of injury to another person caused by a golf ball, golf club, golf swing or golf cart. Golfers are liable for any shots that could cause injury. Golf cover even insures you for a round of drinks at the bar in the event of a hole-in-one.

In addition, golf insurance will cover your golf cart and all golfing equipment (including trophies) against theft, fire, damage and loss. In some cases it can be wiser to opt for full golf insurance over a specialist cart policy.

Golf cart insurance is fairly standard with very few additions available. As stated just before the best addition you can get to your policy is to also apply for general golf insurance as that will also cover you while you are playing golf and not just when you are driving your cart.

What will this typically cost?

The cover you receive is comprehensive and given the cost of the game including green fees, club membership and equipment, golf cart insurance is a small price to pay.

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