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Backpacker Insurance Australia

Backpacker insurance is a scaled-down travel policy. It is designed to provide enough cover to protect a traveler from financial disaster when a medical problem arises, but doesn't have the full coverage offered by a typical travel policy.

Who is a potential candidate?

If you're going on a hiking or walking holiday rather than a tour, cruise, or other very involved type of trip, then backpacker insurance may be just the thing for your needs. It is inexpensive, which makes it popular with young travelers trying to see the world—or parts of the world, on a tight budget. You can even buy it if you're not using a backpack.

What typically does it cover?

This is a very basic type of policy, so it doesn't cover a lot. It can be purchased to cover travel for as little as a few days and as much as a year. You can expect it to at least provide cover for:

  • Emergency medical assistance, including hospital and dental care
  • Damaged or lost personal items, luggage and documents
  • Personal liability

Some policies also provide benefits for theft of cash as well.

What typically does a backpacker policy not cover?

There are many benefits provided under a standard travel policy that you'll not get with a backpacker policy, including such things as travel delays, hotel/rental car/tour cancellations, accidental death payout, loss of income cover, repatriation, etc.

Some insurers will not provide medical cover for a pre-existing medical condition unless you make sure they are aware of the condition before the trip. Make sure you discuss asthma, diabetes and other conditions with your insurance company and fill out any additional paperwork needed to ensure coverage.

Also, some companies have an age limit of 65 on their backpacker insurance policies.

Additional coverage that policy holders might take out in this area

If you plan on doing anything particularly adventurous or participating in any extreme sports, you may want to make sure your policy will cover your medical care if you are injured. Otherwise, you may need a separate policy to protect you on these activities.

Many insurers don't offer additional coverage for a backpacker policy, so your only choice for more benefits would be to buy a regular travel policy. However, some companies will offer additional benefits such as theft, adventure sports or cancellation cover.

What will it cost?

Shop around to find the best benefits at the best price, because both vary from one company to the next. Prices are generally discounted if you buy coverage for a longer time period. Also, if you're taking a trip to Japan, Canada, or the United States, you'll pay a bit more for worldwide coverage than if you go to every other country but those three.

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