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Pet Insurance Explained

Pets are often regarded as highly as the spouse in some households. A dog or a cat is often held in such high regard, but if they get ill, the maintenance costs of your pet can spiral massively.It is equivalent to health insurance for humans.It also covers the costs of medical treatment of your pet in the event of an accident or unexpected illness. In addition, to that pet insurance also covers the costs of all the basic checks and vaccines you should carry out during a pet's life. Each one of these isn't costly but over the course of a pet life will amount to a fair amount. Pet cover lets you budget your costs and give you peace of mind.

Who is a potential candidate ?

Anyone that is concerned that a serious condition for you pet in the future could result in financial difficulties is a potential candidate for a policy. Pet insurance can be taken out for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, lizards, and pretty much any kind of animal that can be domesticated. With dogs and cats, many issues pertain to growth and adolescent problems which arise from birth until 3 or 4 years of age.

What typically does it cover?

Standard cover covers accidents and illness as a minimum. Most plans also cover emergency surgery and even identity chipping. You will also be able to claim expenses against most kinds of treatment but may not receive 100% of the cost in return. You will normally have to extend your cover and pay a higher premium to be entitled to the full amount.

What typically does it not cover?

It typically has a number of exclusions such as pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or heart conditions. Hereditary defects that need attention also fall into this category, although you may be able to claim a small percentage of expenses from some insurers. Elective procedures are also not covered such as tail docking and fertility treatments. Behavioral issues are also not covered by a standard pet insurance plan though more pet insurers are starting to include this as part of their extended policy.

Additional coverage that policy holders might take out in this area

Pets are not covered by other forms of insurance; however, if you own a dog and have a home business where people visit you, you may wish to consider some form of public liability insurance to cover injury caused by your dog. This is only a consideration if you have a dog bought purposefully for guard duties or protection.

You can have full, comprehensive coverage for your pet. By paying the maximum premium your pet is also covered for surgeries, cancers, scans and x-rays, vaccinations, hospitalization, recuperation and annual check-ups. That will account for every possible cost you could ever expect with your pet.

Most plans on the market can give you basic coverage for your pet from $120+ per year (2008 figure) and comprehensive cover for $300 per year, though the exact premiums vary between insurers and the type of pet you would like insured. This may seem like a lot but the cost of veterinary bills can be immense in comparison.

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