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Entertainment Insurance Explained

There are different branches of entertainment insurance. As a producer of entertainment you may want to protect yourself and your budget against a multitude of events that could occur. You may want your cast to be able to appear, all your equipment to work and the sets and wardrobe to be protected from damage. An entertainment policy protects you, as the producer, from all these things.

Entertainment coverage also protects you from the public. You may have a claim against you that states that you have infringed copyright or accidentally made libelous remarks in your entertainment. A member of the public may be injured at a special launch event you are running or live event you have organized.An entertainment policy can cover you, and that's good as some lawsuits in this industry run into the millions.

Who is a potential candidate for this type of policy?

Any producer, contractor or entertainment event organizer are possible candidates for entertainment insurance.

Compare the risk of anything going wrong versus the price of an entertainment policy before you embark on any project. Considering the fickle nature of the entertainment industry, coverage can be comprehensive and cover a multitude of possible problems. The cost of solving these problems is normally many times the cost of the premium. See your insurance broker before making a decision.

What typically does it policy cover?

Entertainment insurance is much like other workplace policies in that it covers basic liability, covers all workplace equipment (including film) from damage, loss, fire and theft. You are usually covered for any kind of worker's compensation in the event of injury to an onsite employee or contractor.

You can also be insured against the illness and injury of cast members that are critical to the continuing production of your project. Insurance will normally cover the running cost of the production until the cast member can return to finish the production. Essentially, the insurance company acts as a guarantor for the smooth running of the production.

What typically does it not cover?

Delayed production because of weather is not normally covered unless you have a weather clause built into your policy. A pre-existing issue with a venue or production member will also void the insurance policy.

Additional coverage that policy holders might take out in this area

Entertainment insurance is a niche product that covers the majority of potential issues that can arise during an entertainment event. One other product that may provide you with extra cover would be a public liability policy in the event of numerous people being affected by personal injury at your venue or weather insurance if you are holding a one-off public event.

Additional coverage for an entertainment insurance policy

If your entertainment project last longer than one month, or is ongoing, you will need to specify this to your insurer. Many policies assume that the project is short-term with a predetermined end date. If you over-run on production you will have to check to see if you are covered for this period. You will need to apply for additional coverage in this area

What will it typically cost?

The price for a policy is usually a percentage of your total production budget. The size of the percentage is wholly dependant to the scope of the project at hand. You may find that a small audio project may be around 1% of your total cover whereas a film production event may be over 5%. The exact percentages are then determined by the level of coverage required and the insurer you choose to go with.

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