Zuji Travel Insurance Review

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Company Information

Zuji has existed since 2002 as the Asia-Pacific arm of Travelocity, the worldwide online travel company. This company offers a wide range of travel insurance products to protect everyone from the occasional traveler on a yearly holiday to backpackers trekking across another continent.

Travel insurance through Zuji can provide more than medical care when out of the country. It can pay to bring travelers home in the event of an emergency, cover liability issues that may arise, and recoup the deposit on a vacation that must be cancelled due to situations beyond the traveler's control.

Coverage Offered

  • Comprehensive Travel, International or Domestic - Luggage, Medical, Repatriation
  • Medical, International - Includes Medical, Dental, Hospital, Accidental Death, Personal Liability
  • Cancellation, International or Domestic - Includes Cancellation Fees, Lost Deposits

Other Services

Zuji's website is a travel portal where customers can book flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, and cruises. Information about activities at destination sites is available, as are special deals and discounts.

All insurance policies are managed by ETI Australia and underwritten by Allianz Australia.

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