A eulogy is a speech written to praise someone. Though the word eulogy usually reminds people of funerals, they can be used at ceremonies, birthdays, retirement parties and other events in which a person is called on to celebrate some else’s life and successes.
Eulogies can be emotional to put together, especially if it is for a person who has recently passed away. However, there are certain steps which can be taken and tools which are available that can make the processes easier and result in a well written tribute.

Steps to Write a Eulogy
There are a number of steps which can be taken to make the eulogy a memorable experience both for the writer and the honoree.

  • Prepare Yourself: Before sitting down to write, mentally prepare yourself and gather some items that will make it easier to write the speech. Try gathering a few photos of the person you are writing for to give some inspiration. If writing a speech for someone who has passed away this can be an extremely difficult time and preparing yourself before starting will allow you to write a better eulogy.
  • Write it Down: Regardless of where you will be presenting the tribute remember that you will be speaking in front of an audience and stage fright can occur to anyone. Write down the eulogy on a piece of paper or if you prefer, bullet point it on a flash cards so you do not forget.
  • Practice: Though eulogies are usually emotional experiences, rehearsing the speech may help you in getting through it smoothly. Practicing in front of a mirror is sometimes a good way to get over the initial nervousness. There will be no one to judge and you can go through the speech multiple times to become comfortable. You can also call on a close friend to help you finalize the speech. 

Consider the Length: Short to medium eulogies will always have a stronger impact than an overly long one. Though there may be many memories, experiences, and stories to share, you must pick out the most important ones. Try to list 5 of the most memorable times that you feel the honoree would like others to remember.

If writing for someone who has passed away, focus on the life of the person and not their last moments. A funeral can be an extremely challenging time so try to focus on the happier memories. Also consider having someone as a back up and provide them a copy of the speech. Incase the speech becomes too emotional for you, your back up can take over and continue the eulogy.
The beginning can sometimes be the most difficult part of writing a eulogy. If this is the case then consider starting with a quote or lyrics to a favorite song. Once these are down they often provide the motivation and inspiration to get the rest of the speech completed.

Because eulogies can be an emotional event try to write something that focuses on things that the person enjoyed doing. This is especially important when writing a eulogy for a child. The tribute should not add to the sadness and emotions in a funeral, rather try to make it somewhat uplifting by focusing on the happier moments.
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Focus on Presentation Skills
This may seem more of a business oriented topic, however having good presentation skills will make your eulogy all the more memorable. The first step to a good speech is to have a well written speech. If you have time, write the eulogy and put it away for a few days. Come back to it and read it again and make sure it says what you were trying to say. When delivering the eulogy try not to hang onto one point for too long. This can cause the audience to lose interest. Finally, practicing the eulogy in advance will make sure that you go through it as smoothly as possible.  
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Eulogy Tools
The penetration of the internet into nearly all avenues of life has unexpectedly opened up the field of eulogy tools. Surprisingly there are a great number of tools available, ranging from finding the right lyrics or quote to cheat sheets of words which will help you get started.
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